Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Project Life Week 9

A quick update this week because my camera has suddenly stopped working. I'm hoping it's not something that happened while little hands have been using it and is instead a dead battery. We'll see! All these photos were taken with my iPhone so I apologize that they aren't as crisp as I would like.
Here's the whole week:

Mia's been on a real reading kick lately and one night as she was reading to me before bed I snapped a quick photo of her. I loved the giant kitty face peeking out of the book. I hid my messy closet with washi tape and letter stickers!
We had Mia's conferences this week and I wanted to include a little note for her. I used one of the foldable Seafoam cards and tucked it in. 

These smooshface photos are from one of the snow storms we got when I stayed inside and watched from the window and the kids played in the snow until they got too cold. 
The bottom photo I snapped while we were playing in the front yard and trying out our new snow suits.  Naomi told me "No photos, I'm busy making soup!"

Mia got 2 birthday invites this week and a hand-written thank you card. I found myself light on photos again and so decided to add these in. I cut up the invites and layered some of my favorite bits to make up one 4x6 card. The thank you note went in whole. I always like when I add extra ephemera from the week and I definitely don't do it enough.

Normally I wouldn't want a blown up, close-up photo of my face anywhere, but Hollis has been playing with the camera lately and I love having his perspective in here, too. I added a photo we took together as well!
I added a screen shot from my weather app to document the warm March weather. 
On Saturday, we took advantage of the warm weather and walked to the park. The twins got side tracked by a huge puddle of melting snow and spent a good hour running through it. They were drenched, but it was so worth it to see how happy it made them! I printed the instagram photo to 4x4 and attached it using the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine!

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laura kate said...

Fabulous *action* shots of your kiddos! Fun!

Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) said...

I love all the letter stickers and the washi tape. You've pulled it off nicely. So much personality this week. What are those letter stickers on the Smooshy faces? I love them.

dnsvm said...


Thanks!! Those stickers are from Jillibean Soup! I love them!!