Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Life Week 12

This was (and is) one of those weeks were I have way too much going on and I'm feeling really stretched for time. It's all good stuff and I'm super excited about projects I'm working on. But, the house is being neglected---there's toys everywhere and it's just enough to get the kids fed and in bed at the end of the night.
 This is when my love for Project Life grows deeper. This week's layout was done in about two hours over the course of one evening. I printed the photos and then put the little ones to bed. I journaled a little and then put the eldest is bed. I watched Walking Dead (holy cow!) and then finished the layout. It's simple and no fuss scrapbooking and I love it.

All of the photos this week are from either my phone or Mark's. They aren't the best quality, but it doesn't really matter. They tell the stories from this week perfectly.

 Another napping picture of Naomi. I'll only get away with this for so long. I just can't get enough of her sleeping face! This time she fell asleep on the couch while Hollis & I played Just Dance.

I almost wasn't going to add a picture of JT to the spread, but then he just keeping showing up everywhere I shopped. 

Mark and his friend Jake went to the World Cup Qualifier game in Denver. There was a huge snowstorm Friday night, but they are super serious about their soccer. Can't you tell? 
Good thing he knows that any picture he sends me is fair game for a PL layout!

On Saturday afternoon Mark and Mia went on a Daddy/daughter date. Mark made an iphone collage of all the things they did together!

I'm linking with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
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suetrav said...

Ha ha - that soccer photo is hilarious!! I am still in love with your handwriting - and so jealous that you quilt. I love JT and he is aging quite well :)

dnsvm said...

Thanks, Sue!!! I love JT too. The posters all over Target are sure eyecandy! :)

Cerise Wade said...

Great layouts! Love seeing husbands contribute to Project Life layouts. The father daughter date collage is wonderful.