Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Life Week 11

This is the week that it became evident that spring was right around the corner. With the warmer temperatures come more time outside and somehow my little ones inherently strip off their clothes at any chance. I apologize in advance for the naked kid pictures that will happen over the next few warm months. 

I worrying less and less about having the whole spread match and treating each section as it's own "page." It seems to be working well for me and nothing seems too out of place. 
Here's the whole week:

This might be one of my favorite little pictures ever. We don't live near the beach but I totally get the appeal of feeling wet sand in your toes---even if it's at the park. 
I added LillyBee letter stickers and used my Sharpie paint pen to write directly on the photo. 

 I love Elise's This is What Life Looks like cards in the Seafoam kit. They seem to fit our crazy family so well! I let this card stand alone next to a photo of the twins playing in the backyard. 

Yup. Another car nap photo but this time with orange ink all over her nose. 

I found these people displayed at the twins' school. I love all the answers that the twins gave!

I've been playing with the app Overgram to get writing on my photos. This is one that I saved and then printed as a 4x6. It's a little fuzzy in person, but I liked it anyways!

Mark and I spent the weekend apart---he went to SLC for the Rapid's game and I took the kids to see my sister and Mom. I wanted to make sure and document it. I added a photo he took of all the supporter flags and them a car photo of us getting ready to pull out of the driveway.

Soon after getting to my sister's house, Hollis got into my teenage nephew's super pungent cologne. He put it all over is cheeks, hair and shirt. I tried a bath to make it less odiferous, but it didn't really work. I just had to document it anyways! The flowered paper is the back of a Tiny Prints card that I had in my stash. 

One of the best things about the visit with my family is letting these two girls have lots of time together. They really are the best of friends--even though it's not always pretty. I caught a picture of them together climbing a tree at the park. 
I also snapped a photo when we got home from our trip. I love the juxtaposition of the two with this one showing how truly exhausted they all were!

This photo is one of my all time best candid shots. This is my nephew Grady and I snapped it while he was getting changed. The light hit his eyes perfectly and the way he was holding his face----beautiful!

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laura kate said...

Really great text on the photos. They look great!