Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Project Life Week 10

This might be one of my favorite layouts of the new year so far. Everything came together over the course of two days and it just felt really natural and good. Maybe it's because we are all finally feeling healthy again and the creative spirit is re-awakening. I haven't cut into any fabric yet, but the wheels are turning about a new quilt and I hope to rectify that tomorrow. There's a lot of photos in the post, but I really wanted you to see all the elements closer up! 

Here is week 10:

Rather than use a full date card, I used one of the month cards from the Photo Freedom line. It freed up a little space and just seemed to work well with the flow of the other cards. That photo of Mia---stunning. I added some letter stickers to it and called it good. 

I went back and forth on whether or not to leave the chevron card blank. I decided that it added on it's own to the movement of the spread so left it be. 
I had to document the elusive car nap! It's become kind of a running joke to see how many I can get of her sleeping throughout the whole year. 

Next to the date card I added a list of all the things I loved about this week. 
The bottom instagram is a of a portrait Mia did of me. She was so proud and it's a hilarious capture complete with giant hand and iphone. She asked for creative license to change what I was wearing to a blue turtleneck and purple leggings.

Mark snapped a photo of Hollis taking photos of our cat Suki. Naomi almost looks like a cat stylist in this photo. I added some washi tape to block out an ugly background and cut down a tag for the title. 

On the second half of the week I cut a photo booth strip in half and added it right into the pocket. We had a girl's night out complete with laser tag, skee ball, and sushi. It was actually really fun to be in one of those kid-centric arcades with no kids to worry about. We made some young girls' night by giving them all of our hard earned prize tickets. Next time hopefully it will be warm enough to do mini-golf too.

At the thrift store Hollis found a talking Buzz Lightyear. He's been well loved and is missing a hand, but the pure joy that he gave Hollis was worth the $3 price tag. 

On Saturday we were warned that a huge snowstorm was coming. Everything got cancelled and we were ready to hunker down for the day. Instead, we got a few inches of wet, sloppy snow. Mark braved the coldest and wettest part of the storm to take the kids "sledding" at a school nearby. They built snowmen and then came home for hot cocoa. 

Before the "snowpocaplypse," we had some really beautiful weather. Warm enough to get out the new water table to play in. So far that thing has been a pretty awesome investment and I can see as it gets warmer and warmer, the twins playing with it a ton. 

On Wednesday Mia's school had a Decade Day. They were to dress up from a different decade. Mia chose to dress as the first woman Pony Express driver. It was totally her work and idea and she was so proud! The background paper is wrapping paper from IKEA. 

I added a photo that Mark took from our snow day. I love that he sends me photos with the purpose of adding them here. We don't get in the book enough ourselves so it's nice to at lease get his perspective on events in!

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libbywilko said...

Love the photo of the Hollis taking the photo and the lovely portrait Mia drew of you. Lovely moments to capture.

Suzanne said...

Very cute pages! I love all the little stories you included. Each one seems like such a special memory.

suetrav said...

I am so jealous of your handwriting!! It looks great. Love your pages this week :)

laura kate said...

Great spread. I love the doodle-esque borders, etc. on some of the cards. Every time I try that it looks wonky - yours looks excellent!

dnsvm said...

Thanks, ladies!! @suetrav I am trying to get better at loving my handwriting. But I love seeing it on these pages for sure! @laurakate I'm a bit obsessed with drawing borders. I usually have to stop myself from doing them on every picture! ;)

Cerise Wade said...

Really like seeing all your use of washi.
I agree about Buzz...if one of my boys found one we would have to snatch it up. :o)