Friday, March 22, 2013

Life With Twins---Getting Out

There's this moment after you find out you're pregnant with twins that it truly hits you how difficult it will be to do simple things like run to the grocery store or library. Doing errands with one baby is usually a case of timing and a strong arm to lug the carrier from car to store. With two babies, outings get even more tricky because you have two schedules to work around, two car seats to move from house to car, and then the most massive double stroller you can imagine. Don't let it discourage you from going out though. Those trips out helped me keep my sanity and helped the twins get used to being out and about. It takes practice and an arsenal of snacks, wipes, extra clothes, and patience but it's worth it for the future. I promise. 

This week I was realizing how different our outings are now that we've hit the age of 3. They can walk out the door on their own now and climb up into their carseats. They fight with me to get to buckle on their own and resist me "fixing" it when they get the straps twisted or positioned wrong. They don't like to ride in the cart and prefer to walk along with me "helping" and exploring. That massive double stroller was donated a few months back when it became clear that we didn't need it anymore. I truly believe that our early years outings helped make things smoother now. They don't go running off very often. They don't often beg for things and then throw fits when I say no. Instead they visit with anyone who will listen. They play with available toys (Target is the best for this). They help me put things in the cart or pick them off the shelf. The best part for them is eating the samples. 

I know that a year from now this will look even more different. There will be a whole new level of independence. I'll probably get to do more in one errand day than I can get away with now.
If you are in the middle of those early days, don't be afraid to get out there. Make a goal of getting out at least 3 times a week. Pick a pretty safe and kid-friendly place---preferably one with little old ladies and food samples. 
It's so worth it. 


Anne said...

Hi Denise . . . it was lovely to meet you today at the Boulder Modern sew day. I love your blog and writing style. Can't imagine how you manage to write so often with such a busy life with your adorable kids. I didn't know you went to QuiltCon. Wish I'd known you sooner. I certainly look forward to getting to know you better now through our guild. Hope you'll continue to be a part of our new little group. We may be at different points in our lives kids wise etc. but I think we all share a lot of common interests even beyond quilting. Later, Anne

dnsvm said...

Thank you so much, Anne! I loved meeting with all of you today and look forward to more sew days! I really want to see your quilts in person! I'm pretty sure I saw your blue one at Quiltcon----how exciting to meet you in person and be able to talk about all the things we are passionate about! Best to you & stay and sew next time!! :)