Friday, March 29, 2013

Getting Ready for Easter

This week we dyed our Easter eggs in anticipation for Sunday. I always forget just how messy dyeing eggs can be. Even more so with two little ones that can't keep their eggs on the spoon. I'm pretty sure the wand that comes with the kits is someone's idea of a hilarious joke---watching little ones try to perch their egg on a flimsy wand. This year I saw at Target egg grabbers that resemble the old school banana hair clips. Remind me next year to go ahead and splurge and buy them. 

Each color was tested and we've all decided that our pink was the biggest dud this year. If there was more time and I wasn't afraid of the aftermath, I'd try another batch with Kool-aid. 
In the end, they don't care what we use as long as they get to dunk those eggs in a color. And then another color. They mix and match until the eggs swirl with varying shades and hues. 

Many of the eggs are cracked and continue to get cracked as the twins have to periodically "check" on the eggs in the fridge. They still don't totally understand what this all means, but they love hearing stories about it from Mia. They have been practicing by filling plastic eggs with fruit snack and raisins. I even bought an extra package for them to play with in the tub thanks to an genius friend!

We're getting ready in other ways too. My mother in law moved to our town just in time to host a small egg hunt in her backyard. It's already feeling better having her close by where she can see the kids more often. There are trinkets, candy, and other surprises ready to go for Easter Morning. We aren't having a huge gathering or meal, but are eager to spend time with our family.

 I think we all welcome this time of year because it means spring is officially here. 

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