Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Thrift

A few months back when stores still had plenty of winter gear on their racks, I made a conscious decision to forgo buying anything but mittens. You see, it hadn't snowed much at all and it just seemed like an extra expense without any real need. 
Fast forward to this week, when after three snows in a row it became clear that we needed a few things to make going out to play a lot more comfortable. Hollis especially was hurting for boots and snow pants. Naomi and Mia both have thrifted or hand me down pieces that could work for the rest of the winter. 
I first hit up Target hoping to find winter stuff on clearance. Instead, their racks are full of swimwear and flip-flops. I hate this trend from stores, but it does force me to get more creative with shopping. 
My second stop was the Goodwill. I hit the jackpot right away! I found Hollis a snow suit in a size 4T for $6.99. It wasn't half off, but it was the only suit in his size. Actually, it's a little big, but I'm hoping we'll get another winter's use out of it. The shoe section was full of boots that must have been donated from Target clearance. They still had tags on them for about $5.99. Unfortunately, they didn't have his size. Instead, I found a pair of barely used snow boots for $2.99.
Now, I didn't intend to get Naomi a snow suit, but they had only one in her size & with the cute hearts all over them I couldn't pass them up. I can donate her too small snow pants and she'll have all over coverage with these. They cost $5.99. 
So, for a total of about $16 the twins have winter gear. This should ensure that we'll get no more snow!  I've signed up for the Goodwill club card which gives me a 5% discount on every $25 I spend. It doesn't sound like a lot, but the total of the bill was $30.54 (I bought a few other things too) and with the discount my bill went down to $24. 
Not bad at all!!

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