Friday, February 15, 2013

Thrifty Kid Finds

We've become pretty picky about the type of toys we bring into the house. More often than not, impulse buys don't get played with once the initial buzz wears off. Plus, with three kids, bringing in too many toys can result in huge clutter that I end up having to pick up at the end of the day.
Many times you can find really unique and lasting toys at the thrift store for a fraction of what you'd spend at a big box store. If I spend less, then I don't feel so bad when toys break, pieces get lost, or the magic wears off. I also don't feel so bad if thrifted toys find their way back into the donate box. 

I wanted to share some of my recent finds with you to give you an idea of what to look for when you are out an about. Remember though, don't get it unless you love it. It's also good to think of donating something for every item you bring in or boxing some toys away. My kids think it's pretty awesome to discover a box of "forgotten" toys later. 

Lucy Hammett has a series of bingo games that are educational and a lot of fun. I thrifted this Dinosaur Bingo game for $1.99. We play it almost everyday and Hollis loves it. I love that they come with pronunciations of these crazy dino names on the back of the info cards! 
The games retail from $10-$15 so we got an amazing deal. If you ever see one of her bingo sets I highly recommend them!

We get a lot of old puzzles from the thrift. You can find them from $2-3 and most of the time they are wrapped in plastic wrap so you know all the pieces are there. Keep in mind that the wooden ones last longer and usually have better pictures. 
I love how this vintage puzzle has bright colors, not too many pieces, and the words beneath the pieces.  

 My kids are always trying to touch my husband's record player so when I saw this one at the thrift with all the records included I decided to pick it up. I remember having the same one when I was little!
 It was a little bit of a gamble because I couldn't be sure it worked until I replaced the battery. I decided the $3 price tag was worth it and, luckily, it does work! 
This is the most popular toy right now which means some negotiating with the twins.

This doesn't count as a toy, but as my kids move out of sippy cups, I'm trying to bring in more cups with style. I've been adding a lot of 60s mod plastic cups mugs when I find them. My tea-loving boy has used this one a lot. It was 99 cents and although it has a chip on the side and won't necessarily last long, it'll look pretty on the breakfast table.  

What are some of your favorite kid things to shop for at the thrifts?

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