Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snow Play

The other morning the kids begged to go outside. Now, I'm not the best when it comes to cold weather. I get the need to hunker down, wear PJs, drink lots of tea and avoid going out at all costs when it snows. I'm working on it, especially since we live in such a beautiful place.
The kids had a lot of energy and the need to go play in the snow. So, we bundled them up and let them play in the backyard. I watched from the window and snapped some photos.

Hollis's favorite thing to do was chuck snowballs at me. 

And then he made smooshfaces on the window. 

Naomi got in on it too. 

They came in about 5 minutes later begging for hot chocolate by the fire. And I resolved to get out there with them the next time. Even for the briefest of times, their snow play was inspiring and freeing. To live with that much abandon is such a good thing. 

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