Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Project Life Week 6

After a little bit of a down spell last week I can say that this week I felt really good about Project Life. I had a lot of pictures to work with and tried to have fun with some of the embellishments. Isn't it that way with creative endeavors? Some days you feel in the zone & other times it's a struggle. I'm hoping to take this energy and build on it for the upcoming layouts!
Here's the whole spread:

 I realized too late that I probably should have saved this love card for Valentine's Week, but I like having a little about me included! 

We got all the kids shorn this week and Mark snapped a photo of Hollis. He loves getting his hair cut and goes into a super quiet and serious mood throughout the whole thing. He perks up when he gets his lollipop!

This might be my most favorite recent pic of Mia & me. It was her idea during our late start shopping date. I have a feeling we don't do these types of things enough!
I also added in a movie ticket for Warm Bodies. I added a little washi tape over the theater address.

The twins aren't napping anymore so I've been setting aside about an hour and a half each afternoon for a combo of tech time and TV time. It gives me some down time and they love the chance to play with some educational apps. Their favorites: PBSKids app, SuperWhy, Preschool Lunchbox. 
On TV, they are obsessed with Bug's Life (The Pixar movie), Wild Kratts, & Team Umizoomi. 

On Saturday I had the chance to meet up with some new Instagram friends. It was super inspiring and so nice to feel my circle of friends growing!

We went to a handmade market in Denver and then to my favorite fabric store, Fancy Tiger. I took a picture of all the treats that I picked up!

Love that I caught Miss Naomi in a yawn. 

Last week Ali Edwards posted a link to Moorea Seal's project called 52 Lists. I've decided to join along and am adding them to a page protector at the back of my Project Life binder. I've been using them in a reflection time a few times a week. None of them are "done," I'm hoping to keep visiting them and adding to them throughout the year. They'll make a great keepsake and reminder of where I'm at now. 

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
You can find out more about Project Life at Beckyhiggins.com.


laura kate said...

Love the layering throughout.

Susana said...

I love everything about your layout this week. All of the bits of real life you included, the choice of colors, sweet journaling. You are so good at capturing everyday! I'm so glad I happened to stop by.

Thanks for including the link for 52 Lists. It sounds like something I will like.

Looking forward to seeing what you do each week this year!

Oh, an app my 3 year old enjoys is Toca Birthday Party and Toca Tea Party :).

dnsvm said...

Thank you so much, Susana! We like the Toca apps too....lately it's been the haircut one! :)

Susana said...

You are welcome! Oh, I haven't heard of the haircut toca. I will be getting it though tomorrow :).