Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Project Life Week 5

I'm not sure what's going on with me lately, but I've been having the hardest time getting into the groove with Project Life this year. Maybe it's getting comfortable with a new kit. Maybe it's the fact that we're in my hardest part of the year (winter=blah). I'm not taking enough photos and not doing a little bit each day like I was. I've had my hands in other projects that have taken time and energy away from Project Life. That said, I still love this project and am working on tweaking things to make it exciting again. Are you feeling a some of the same things?? For those of you who've done this more than year, what are you doing to make it special again?

Here is the weekly spread:

This photo doesn't do justice to this photo of Mia and I. Mark snapped it while the sun was setting on our park trip and I just love it. I decided to leave it alone and just including an Ali Edwards journaling card. 

At the park we got a little silly with photo taking and did a series of jumping photos. These two were my favorites. It's fun to get (nearly) everyone in the photos together! I'm hoping to do a series of jumping photos throughout the year because we had so much fun with them.
I love the Seafoam "This is what life looks like" cards.

I added a "this week" card to capture moments that didn't get photographed. I also added some of the awesome packaging that came with the moo cards I ordered to take along to Quiltcon. 

Hollis spent one afternoon getting into Mia's recital make-up. I added a few stickers to the journaling card to add some extra details. I finished up a doll (Oliver) for my nephew's birthday present.

When I went to my hairstylist this week I asked for a non-mom cut--something a little funky and punk rock. I'm pretty sure I still think I'm 25 or something. I snapped a photo after a long (and windy) day.
I really am trying to get myself into the album more this year.

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share.
You can find out more about Project Life here


Margie S (Nihao, Cupcake!) said...

You are so lucky to have a husband who likes to take photos. Not so at my house. That is a gorgeous photo. I hope it is framed and up in your house. I love that goldfish too. Wonderful pages.

dnsvm said...

Thank you, Margie!

suetrav said...

Love that photo of you in the park - perfect lighting! That week summary on a 3x4 card is perfect and the photo with the makeup cracks me up :)

dnsvm said...

Thanks, Sue!!

Cerise said...

The picture of you and Mia is amazing. Love your layouts!

libbywilko said...

Love the photos you took at the park!