Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Ladies

I've been playing with more dolls and added a couple of pretty ladies to my finished pile. 
This pattern is from RetroMama and it's is the partner to the Oliver doll I made my nephew. 
I've been thinking of adding a few of dolls made from Retromama's patterns to my Etsy shop. They've been so much fun to personalize and I'm loving how they turn out. 
I've been calling this little lady Lucy. She has a corduroy dress with a matching collar. She has a ladybug ribbon in her blonde hair. 

 She has a beautiful floral button on the collar of her dress. Her face is hand embroidered with sweet freckles. 

She has matching corduroy Mary Jane shoes.

Did you notice the quilt she's laying on? She comes with her own doll quilt. This is the Scrappy Trips pattern made with some of my favorite girly patterns. It measures about 24x24 and is machine quilted but hand-binded with a scrappy binding. 

The second little lady is Sophia. 
She was the first girl doll I made and was quickly snatched up by Naomi. 
She has flannel hair and a pink felt ribbon.
Her has wood button on her collar and the dress fabric is from one of my favorite lines, Flea Market Fancy
She has lighter polka tights and dark brown Mary Janes. 

 Together they make such a lovely pair!

I'm pretty sure I'll be making a few more to sell soon. So, keep your eye on Bitte Shoen to purchase your own handmade doll. Or email me for a special order! Both the girl and boy dolls make a lovely friend for your little one!!

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Michele said...

These are so cute! I love your colors you have used! Wish I could have one! Great work.