Monday, February 18, 2013

A Trip to the Farm

I've mentioned before here on the blog how fortunate we feel to have a local farm called Ollin Farms less than 2 miles from our house. We get a CSA through them and love their farm fresh eggs and summer food festivals. They do an amazing series of farm dinners and have summer camps for the kids. They pretty much are one of the best things about our town. 
If you follow them on Facebook, they post pictures of the animals, crops in progress, and some of the gorgeous colors that grace their farmstand. 
Recently they had a number of lambs born and have had a couple farm visits to meet them. 
We decided to go by the farm today to "meet" the babies.

The twins loved feeding the older sheep hay and treats. Some of the sheep got a little forceful and would butt each other out of the way. My kids weren't scared one bit. Especially Naomi.
Hollis laughed every time they licked his fingers. 

Most of the lambs stayed close to their mamas and let the big sheep take most of the treats. I guess they don't have good enough teeth yet, anyway. 

One of the lambs was abandoned by it's mother and follows Mark and his family around like a little puppy. This is Naomi getting to pet the little abandoned girl. I'd tell you her name, but it sounded like everyone at the farm called her something different. All I know is that she was tiny and super soft.
 I want one of my own.

Mark (the owner) was super nice and drove us over to the chicken coops too. We got to see the not-so-little chicks and the kids chased them around for a bit. They were super fast and none of us could catch one.
Hollis found eggs and Mia offered to work there whenever they needed extra hands. 

This big guy kept gobbling at us to keep us in our place. I think Hollis gave Mark a heart attack when he tried to go right up to the turkey (Sorry about that!).

The kids loved their visit and I'm so grateful that Ollin opens it's gates for things like this. I want my kids to know and understand the hard work that goes into the food that we eat. I want them to understand the art of farming and the gift that we have in having such a great place close by. 

We can't thank you enough, Mark & Kena, for all you do!

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