Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life Week 4

I really lagged behind getting this week's spread done. I keep getting sucked into sewing projects during free time! Luckily, all it took was a few minutes of printing photos and adding in the journaling cards. It's a very easy-peasy layout, but that's the magic about Project Life. Even if you do a little, it looks and feels great!

A Studio Calico arrow and pink letters were all I needed to highlight this sweet photo of Mark and Naomi reading together. 

Mia started piano lessons this week and when Mark texted me this photo I actually got teary. Seeing her practicing next to her teacher made me so happy. She's loving the games she play for practice and we are hearing a lot of "pepperoni pizza" coming from the piano!

 We had a few really nice days and so we spent them at the park. Hollis loves to climb on the rocks and lately as he jumps off he's been yelling, "To Infinity & Beyond!" 
The orange this is life card is from the Seafoam kit. The other card is from the new Photo Freedom line. 

I love the cards in the Seafoam kit! These are perfect for capturing little moments from the week!!

Sometimes the best place for these two to play is in the tiny kids' bathroom. On this day it got awfully quiet and I found them chatting away, playing blocks, and pretending to be on a train. 

Mark and Mia have been really into playing games together. Their favorites are Dominion, Forbidden Island, and a new (to us) card game called Fluxx. I like sneaking photos of them playing!

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
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SewAmy said...

Love the picture of the trip to Target. Love it all really.

suetrav said...

I love your pages - so many cute photos (especially love them reading at Target!) and little details.

dnsvm said...

Thank you ladies!!!

momruncraft said...

Love your piano card and the Target photo. Nice pages!!

laura kate said...

Adorable pages. You're totally right - you don't need to add much other than writing to make PL look great with the excellent design of the kits. Totally beautiful.

Cerise said...

Such great photos. That shot at Target is so cute.