Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Project Life Week 3

Oh my goodness! I am in love with the Seafoam kit. I love how minimalist it is---lots of room to add my own journaling and embellishments. The colors are great and really do work with everything. I am going to love playing with this kit! I did go stock up on letter stickers this week, but that's it. I'm really trying to be thoughtful about what supplies I use and trying to not spend unnecessary money. 

Totally unrepresented this week is Mia--I just didn't get one picture of her. To be fair I've been working on her own childhood book (I'll share soon!) and so she's been captured somewhere at least! Nonetheless, I'm making a note to make sure and get her in the spread for next week.
Here is the first half of the week:

I lovelovelove the geometric designs that are on the Seafoam cards. 
The bottom right paper is from Studio Calico but it fit well. 
On Sunday I had to take Hollis to Urgent Care for a pretty bad cough. Turns out he had croup and with some medicine he perked up pretty quickly. The girls ended up with colds and we spent a couple of days at home to not spread the germs. 
Last year I captured quite a few of Naomi's car naps. I thought it was too cute not to include again---especially as they get rarer and rarer. 

I found one of Naomi's drawings and decided to add it to the week. She's been making a lot of these little round people and I love the way they change with every one! It's always fun to clean up after an art session and find her little creations. She also loves drawing "spiders." 
I caught a quiet moment with Hollis reading one of Mia's Tiny Titans comics. I also included a picture of Cool Hollis from our thrift store adventure. He loved trying on all the sunglasses while Naomi, Mom, and I looked at the books.

By the end of the week I didn't have very many photos. All of this half is from Saturday and mostly because Mark picked up the camera while Mom, Mia and I were out thrift store shopping! Thank goodness he did because he got some great photos of the little ones!

I had Mark fill out a journaling card because he took most of the pictures. I love having him represented in the book more prominently. Usually he quietly sends me pictures----I like seeing his writing too.
On Saturday morning I made a batch of pumpkin waffles and they were probably the best I've had! I had to document it with an instagram!

When we got home from the thrift stores, the weather was a warm 63 degrees...in January. We bundled up and headed to the park. I got another screen shot of the weather to document this anomaly. These three photos are from Mark. See? They are perfect!

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Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Lovely pages! You have such a nice balance of pictures/journaling/embellishments. I particularly love the little "love u" caption with the white border.

Cerise said...

Beautiful pages! I love that you got your husband in on the journaling. I must try to get mine more involved. :o)

dnsvm said...

He only did it once last year!! LOL! Here's to trying though and maybe I'll actually get him to do it more often!