Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Project Life Week 2

I should have the Seafoam kit in my hands later this week today and I can't wait to play with it! I also was a little naughty and ordered a childhood kit (Mayfield). My goal is to use it to do Mia's combined 6th & 7th year book. I've kept a scrapbook for each year of their life but stopped the summer after Mia turned 6. I just couldn't keep up and felt like the traditional way to scrapbook got too complicated (and expensive) with embellishments, sprays, and etc.
 I'm hoping this will be a quick and easy way to stay on top of it. If I like it, I'll catch up the twins' books too.

Here is the first half of the week:

The Embrace Imperfection card was one I found on Mitchell Kraft's site via Cathy Zielske. It printed in 3 different colors, but, of course, I stuck with the orange.
The weather at the beginning of the week was beautiful so the twins and I took advantage and walked to the park. They did tandem sliding and I got some much needed vitamin D.

The circle card is from the Cobalt kit. I added another shot from our walk of my feet on the winter grass. 
Mia loves to read aloud to the twins at bedtime. They usually won't let her and opt to read with me or Mark. This night they sat through almost 2 whole Dr. Suess stories. 

Here's the second half of the week:

This is one of those photos that he'll hate me having when he's older, but I couldn't resist. Naomi and him were super quiet and I found them playing train with the stools in the bathroom. Not the most glamorous place to play, but adorable nonetheless.
I also finished my scrappy trip quilt in record time. Mia has claimed it for her own and I have to admit that it look gorgeous spread across her bed. 

 I made a batch of pumpkin muffins and then sampled them hot from the oven! I can't make them fast enough for our family.
Mark brought home a new game called Forbidden Island. It's super fun and I like that it's collaborative. You have to work together to win. But, the water's rise card is makes everything harder! I love that he'll do goofy shots for me and let me post them for the "world" to see!

We've been cutting back on screen time after the gluttony of Christmas Break, but in order for me to have any kind of break I let them watch one show (or sometimes movie). They asked for "Monsters Sync" and the cuddled up on the couch together. 
I also took a screen shot of the extreme cold on Saturday. That's the hardest thing about this time of year. One day it's nearly 60 degrees---the next it's 5 degrees.
I'm ready for spring and some warmer weather.

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Suzanne said...

Very nice pages. I love the borders you use on your photos, do you make those?

dnsvm said...

Suzanne--Thank you! I am a little obsessed with the Sharpie paint pens. I use them to draw on the borders!

libbywilko said...

I was naughty too and got a childhood kit too :-) love seeing your pages!

dnsvm said...

Thanks, Libby! I can't wait to see what we all do with these new kits!!

Cerise said...

Love your layouts! The orange looks really great!
Your quilt is really gorgeous. Where did you get the pattern?

dnsvm said...


Thanks! It's a pattern call Scrappy Trips. It was a quilt along going around on Instagram right after Christmas!