Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Project Life Week 1

Here we go again! It felt oddly strange to be starting over again but with a whole new kit to work with. I have a feeling it'll take me a bit of time to get back into the groove and to feel as "at home" with the Cobalt kit as I did with Clementine. 
I'm keeping my eyes open for the Seafoam kit to become available on Amazon and then I'll make the switch to using those cards primarily. 
This week was one of those weeks that I just didn't take many pictures---esp. the second half of the week. It took me a little bit longer to pull it all together, but it's done!
Here is the first side:

We spent New Year's Day at the art museum and it was a perfect day to go. Not too busy and Naomi could lay in the middle of the floor and read the brochures without the worry of big feet trampling her. The Denver Art Museum has done a great job of making every exhibit as kid friendly as possible with bingo games, dress up areas, and activities the blend the art with playtime. 

On New Year's Eve we didn't plan a thing. I made pizza and we toasted with sparkling cider. The kids ran around and danced and then were in bed by 8. I admit that I too tucked in early. I think the only one who saw the clock strike midnight was Mark, who celebrated with a book and a glass of whiskey. 

 Being short on photos I decided to add a list of what I'm reading, watching and making. I think I'll do this from time to time. 
Here is side two: 

I found the fitting quote on the projectlife365 blog. I added a bit of a thank you card from the twins' preschool teacher. 

Every morning Hollis "steals" the last bit of my morning tea. 

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly Project Life share. 
You can find out more about Project Life here


Cerise said...

Great layouts. We took it very easy New Years Eve and day. In fact I think I got a total of two pictures. Oops!
Love the art museum pictures. What a fun way to spend the day.

libbywilko said...

What a fun start to 2013 PL ! I was in bed early myself on NYE.