Thursday, January 03, 2013

Music of 2012

We listen to a lot of music around here and I thought I'd share my favorites from 2012. Now, this isn't a huge list. I tend to get stuck on the same albums and songs and play them to death. There are also no real surprises here---esp. if you follow me on Twitter (dnsvm) or Facebook. They're in no particular order because on any given day my ultimate favorite changes. But, these are the albums that resonated with me---filled my craft room, car, and our living spaces. Enjoy!

Beach House--Bloom
(Probably my #1 if I had to pick one!)

The xx--Coexist
(Best live show of the year for me. Amazing.)

(Loudest show of the year.)

Grizzly Bear--Shields
(Can't get enough of this album.)

The Walkmen--Heaven
(This was a whole family favorite.)

fun.--Some Nights
(This was the clear winner when it came to Mia. She LOVES this album. Also, one of my favorite live shows of the year.)

Wild Nothing--Nocturne
(Add 80s synth and looping and Michelle Williams to the video and it's golden for me!)

I also found a slew of songs that I couldn't stop playing. These are my honorable mentions.

Santigold--Disparate Youth

Wild Belle--Keep You

Crystal Fighters--At Home
(I have probably played this song 900 times.)

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis--Thrift Shop
(The whole album is good, but this song is THE BEST.)

Alabama Shakes--Hold On
(Come on, Brittany.)

What music did you love this year?

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