Monday, December 10, 2012

Three Years Old

Hollis & Naomi--
This weekend you turned three years old and my heart is bursting with the thought that it's been a whole three years with you. Where did all the time go and how in the world did you get so big?!?!
In a lot of ways it seems like just yesterday you were forcing your way into the world more than a month early. From that day forward, I think one of the main things you have taught me is to expect the unexpected. Everyday is different with the two of you and we are always learning from each other. There have been a lot of bumps and a lot of tears, but we've figured it out together. 

You have blossomed so much this year. You've become this little girl with so much to say and such an inquisitive spirit. You are a watcher and seem to learn best by watching your brother and sister try things first. You love to build and read and we are continually commenting on how smart you already are. I love how you read aloud in a gibberish--imitating your big sister. You are independent and passionate. You have a set way that your world is supposed to work and you can get pretty frustrated when it doesn't go your way. You are so beautiful and have such a light in your eyes. When you are happy, it's impossible to not be happy too.

You have always been our little man and that fact gets clearer and clearer as you get older. You are rambunctious, energetic, curious, daring, and talkative. You can figure things out pretty quickly much to my baby-proofing chagrin. We have to watch you pretty closely. Your curious nature means that if it's gotten too quiet, then you are surely into something you're not supposed to be. You are also creative, loving, sensitive, and funny. I really think we got the total package with you. There is nothing you like more than playing superheroes with your sisters and I love that the three of you can often find a way to play together. 

This year you both started preschool. You've loved it from day one. You are learning so much and have charmed your teachers. Both of you love to sing the songs your teachers have taught you. You are both quite chatty when I pick you up---telling me all about your day. I am so grateful for the time you have there and so happy that you love it.
You are no longer taking regular naps and I have to get pretty creative about getting free time, but you are going bed earlier. 
There is a lot of competition between the two of you and the fighting can get pretty brutal, but you still search each other out---need to be near each other and hate to be seperated. There are sweet, tender moments which I love to see. I hope that you always are as close as you are now. You are so lucky to have each other. You are lucky to have a big sister that cares for you as much as she does. It's been such a blessing to watch the three of you grow together. 
Three years ago I had no clue what the future held for us. It was so scary to welcome you into the world only to watch you struggle for a month. During that time, it felt so weird to go home, tend to Mia, and know that part of our family was missing. 
I am so lucky to have you and not a day goes by that I don't think about how your arrival forever changed me.  You have wholly and completely changed me and for that I'll always be grateful.
 I love you, 


Emily Pitts said...

Hard to believe it's really been three years. What a blessing those two are!

dnsvm said...

You are so right, Emily!!!

libbywilko said...

Wishing them both a very Happy Birthday !