Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Project Life Week 49

The end of this year is so close and I still love this project. Next week, I'll share some of my tips and hopefully encourage you to try it or keep going for the new year! It really has been an amazing and craft-altering journey. I am so grateful for the nudge my mom gave me to try it out and even more amazed and proud of myself that I stuck with it. 

Here's the first half:
It documents a family walk, movie date with Mia, getting our tree & meeting Santa, and Mia's new obsession of playing Dominion with Daddy.

The twins discovered Toy Story this past week and we've spent any available TV time watching one of the three movies. I caught Naomi smiling at the start of one of them and love the look of pure joy!
The "shiny happy day" card is from the Cobalt Project Life kit.

We went to get our tree & the fact that Santa was there totally overshadowed picking a tree. The three kids followed him around and pretty much stalked him through the lot. Mark picked out a perfect tree, but Santa stole the show!

Mark and Mia have been spending evening downtimes playing a card game called Dominion. It's not necessarily a kid game, but after watching us play it she was determined to play too. She's gotten pretty good at it and even beat Mark a couple of times! He sent me this iPhone photo.

This week we celebrated the twins turning 3. I added a couple inserts to showcases some of my favorite photos. First, I added a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 page protector for the birthday cards that family sent them. 

I then cut down one of the Design A page protectors. I printed out the various photos and just added them in. I didn't add any journaling or embellishments, but instead let the pictures tell the stories.
Here's the first side of the insert:

And the second side:
We kept their birthday really simple with a homemade cake, small presents, and family time. It was the perfect way to celebrate them!

Here is the second half of the weekly spread:
It documents more TV watching (lol!), getting an email from Santa, and a trip to IKEA with my sister. 

My sister and I have been wanting to meet up at IKEA for a while, but with three little kids we were both nervous to make it happen. This week we got brave and everyone did so well! Hollis loved running around and finding the play kiosks. We ended the day with ice cream cones!

This same photo is in my December Daily book and I'm finding there is a lot of overlap with the two projects. I've decided to not worry about it because it's been fun to see the two very different projects come together. Anyone else doing December Daily too? How are you tackling showing the same activities in two books?

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly share. 
You can find out more about Project Life and join in here.


suetrav said...

Loved looking at your week. That Santa looked pretty authentic - we are still on the hunt for one that looks real :)

Cerise said...

What a great week. Santa always steals the show :o)
I've actually seen a blogger use a new album for the holidays and combine PL and December Daily that way. I've got a ways to go before I hit December so I think I might do the same.