Friday, December 28, 2012

I-Spy Quilt for Henry

Now that all the gifts have been given I wanted to share with you some of the handmade goodies that I had a hand in making this year. This quilt was truly a collaborative effort. My friend Elisa asked for help in making an I-spy quilt for soon-to-be born little boy named Henry. Henry's parents are big Disney fans and so we resolved to include Disney characters and Mickey Mouse in anyway we could. I love I-spy quilts even though they are impossible to line up perfectly and can take a bit of time to get all cut out. All the work is so worth it once you're done! 

We decided to split the 16 rows between the two of us. She used a good portion of the novelty fabric I had collected, but we added a few fabrics that were specific to Henry's parents and extended family. The best find was the Mickey Mouse fabric that we used for the backing. It says Hey Boy! all over it which is just perfect for a little boy! We found a checkered red fabric and a really textured chocolate brown for the borders and binding.

Here's a close-up of one of our favorite hexagons---a Heather Ross girl that looks just like Elisa's own horse loving girl. 

 Working together made the quilt come together pretty quickly and I hear that Henry's parents were surprised and happy!

Now I just need more people I know to have babies so I can make more of these lovely quilts!

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