Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Daily Pt. 3

Before the holidays really get crazy around here, I thought I'd share a few more days in my December Daily book. Let me tell you---there are some amazing books if you go searching for them. This year I feel pretty lucky I'm getting anything done with it at all. It's simple and there is a lot of overlap with Project Life. I'm forging ahead with the knowledge that as a complete book it'll make a nice addition to our scrapbooks!

Day 12: Gingerbread House

Day 13: fun.

Day 14: Nutcracker rehearsal

For Mia's Nutcracker recital I added the tickets and program right to the book. 
Those cute candy cane letters are from Doodlebug. 

Day 15: Nutty Nutcracker

I've been baking cookies for friends and teachers. I keep having to make new batches because they are yummy and we keep eating them all. 
Day 16: Baked Yummies
 Mark and I went to see The Hobbit and snapped a few photos while waiting for the movie to start.

Day 17: The Hobbit!!

I think I've said it before, but I'm in love with all the Ormolu tags. These are from last year's collection, but the ones for this year are equally as charming! The twins curled up together to watch Toy Story. They can't get enough of Buzz and Woody.

We spent some time in the afternoon making Christmas tree cards with paper strips. Mia then wrote notes to all of us in them. I used the front of one of the cards as the background paper. I printed a contact sheet of 4 photos using iPhoto and added them to the page. 

I'll share more in a few days! I'm off to frost cookies, wrap presents and hopefully get a few top secret crafty presents done!


libbywilko said...

It looks great ! Merry Christmas .

Pink Ronnie said...

Hi Denise, good on you for forging ahead! I'm sure it'll be a wonderful keepsake once the month is over.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment too. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Ronnie xo