Saturday, December 22, 2012

Around Here: Celebrating

Anyone who's spent time with us will tell you that Mia is a natural show girl. She likes to be in the center of the action. She'll sing, dance, tell stories, and try to get you to play with her. It's only fitting then that she's on the stage in some way. Lately, she's chosen dance. This year she decided be a part of her dance studio's production of The Nutty Nutcracker. The best part of the whole thing for her is that they have the "bigger girls" dancing with the younger ones. She was in the candy cane dance with the Sugar Plum Queen. It was a sassy little jazz number and she completely rocked the striped (albeit itchy) jumpsuit. They did two shows in one day and although she was exhausted--she was also exhilarated. The recitals have always been her favorite part and watching her made me so proud. 
Quick aside: The girl, Megan, who was the Sugar Plum Queen was also in a Marzipan dance. It was one of the best and funniest dances and every time Mia talked about it she called it the Martian Pants dance. We've totally adopted that moniker. 

The twins had their own Christmas program this week too. We were so nervous because it started at their normal bedtime but I pushed a nap earlier in the day and their excitement fueled their energy. Hollis was asked to join the older preschool class for the part of Joseph in a reading of a very kid friendly nativity story. He talked all week about how he was going to pat Baby Jesus. He almost lost all focus when he saw the real donkey stage right and as the story was read he inched his way over to the side of the stage to get a better look.

Then, the younger preschool class joined on stage for a rousing performance of We Wish You a Merry Christmas & Jingle Bells. 
For all of Naomi's shyness and quiet nature, she surprised us by singing loudly and with a lot of animation! She was so proud of herself and loved being up there.
 She kept telling her teachers, "That's my Mommy, my Mia, and my Daddy."

It's these programs that really make this time of year special for us. Watching our kids step outside of themselves---to learn to perform without fear---to enjoy the spotlight for a moment's time. 
It's awesome. 

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