Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Project Life Week 46

Don't tell anyone, but there are no photos from Sun-Tues. For some reason lately it seems that there are a few days each week that are black hole days. I can't recall exactly what I did and have no photo proof of the day. You know what? That's totally okay. This project is completely flexible and there are no rules. I love that. If you are thinking of giving it a try next year keep that in mind. You don't need anything extra besides the kit and and a pen. I haven't purchased anything new for scrapbooking in months and have been working down my supply of papers and stickers. You can be as fancy as you want or as simple as you can be too.

Back to the week---this layout has the one photo I got of the twins' stone soup lunch at school. The same day Mark and I took them one a chilly fall walk and they played in the leaves. It also has the introduction of role game playing to creatively-minded 7 year who really got into the whole thing. 

If you have a section of the photo that is kind of an eyesore use washi tape and a Martha Stewart tag to cover it up! 

Mark has been wanting to do some role playing games with Mia for a while. She is one of those head in the clouds kind of kids and her imagination is perfect for it. Mark found a fairy themed RPG online and so one night after the twins when to bed she dressed up and they played. 
I love that the wings are on upside down. 

The stone soup lunch was supposed to have a little more ceremony to it. But two classes of 3-4 year olds weren't having it especially once they realized all the parents were there in "Boom Boom Hall."
I couldn't get any real clear shots of my two chatter bugs who kept telling everyone, "This is my Mommy." 

The second half of the layout is mostly instagram photos. I'm pretty sure without the iPhone camera I wouldn't have any shots of our week. It's so nice to have instant access to capture the moment. Like bath time, car naps (again!), the start of December Daily, and finding a beetle while stacking a freshly delivered cord of wood. 

I love this image of the twins in cozy PJs during after school pickup. It's pretty typical that Naomi falls asleep and Hollis chatters away---but I know it won't always look like this. I'm a little obsessed with orange paper. This honeycomb design by Pink Paislee is a current favorite of mine. I think I have 5 sheets of it. 

Two separate baths---two girls submerged in water. I remember loving the feeling of that when I was little too. 

I'll write more about December Daily next week, but I am going to try to do again this year. I love looking through that mini book and am keeping the same simple approach to it. There will probably be some overlap with Project Life and Dec. Daily, but I think that's okay. 

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly Project Life share. 
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Fiona said...

Oh, I love those bath time shots! I loved doing that as a kid, and my 5 year old does too. I'm looking forward to seeing your December Daily...I'm not sure how to got about it yet!

stephanievarno said...

These are great layouts! I love all the photos! So cute!

Cerise said...

Wonderful layouts. I'm the same way with my phone...not sure what I would do some weeks without the pictures I take on it.
I've been thinking about doing December Daily, but not sure how to work it with PL...can't wait to see how everyone else works with it.

thoughtsalonglifeshighway.com said...

Your pages are fabulous. I agree about the iphone. I think most of my shots from August - November are all on the iphone.