Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Project Life Week 45

I am officially so close to the end of the year and that means one whole year of doing Project Life. I really had no clue when I started doing this January 1st that it would change the whole way I document our lives. When we look through the books (two of them for the whole year) it shows so perfectly all the things we have to be grateful for this year. I love that I can include more photos (even the imperfect ones) on each spread. 
I am making plans for next year's Project Life and I'll share what kit (or kits) I'll be using soon. 
I highly encourage you to play along with me! 

This week I ended up with not a lot of photos (again!). Luckily, I used journaling and pulled some images from online sources to help fill in. I made sure to include a picture from election night, our fall walks, and sleeping Naomi.
Here is the first half:

I should go back and count how many car nap photos I have. I can't help it. Naps are rare right now and she looks so adorable when she's sleeping! 
For this one I used some scrap patterned paper and cut one of Ali Edward's story card in half. 

I don't love my handwriting, but I'm definitely more used to using it because of Project Life. There are a lot of people that run their cards through the printer, but I'm short on time and have crappy luck with doing anything too crazy with my printer. Plus, I like the fact that my kids can see evidence of me within the pages even if there aren't photos of me all the time. 

Here is the second half:

Friends had two extra tickets for Cirque's show Quidam and so Mia and I went together. You aren't allowed to take pictures inside and so I found images online to print out. 

Whenever Hollis gets quiet it's a sure sign that he's into something off limits. When I found him quietly playing with Mia's American Girl doll, I couldn't resist secretly snapping a photo. He brushed her hair a little bit and played so gently with her. 

On Saturday there was a snow storm. Once the kids realized that the flakes had started to fall they begged to go collect some. They made sure to bundle up in coats and shoes, but were too anxious to go to put on pants. They were only out for a few minutes, but it made for a funny photo and cold bottoms!

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly Project Life share. Come see all the amazing ways you can do Project Life!
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Here are links to just a few of the supplies I used this week:


Emily Pitts said...

wow! i am impressed! a whole year of project life. you make me think maybe perhaps someday :)

dnsvm said...

Emily--I love it! Really, truly love how it's changed scrapbooking for me. I no longer feel the pressure or behind! I hope you do try it eventually!

ktware said...

that picture of them out in the snow with no pants is great! I could see my youngest doing that

Fiona said...

I think your handwriting is really nice. Project Life is such a great way to record life, and I agree that it has changed my perspective on photo taking and the way I record memories. Well done, you're almost there with an entire year of memories recorded!