Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Project Life Week 44

This was a busy week with Halloween and school activities. I wanted to make sure I focused on Halloween, but also added the smaller moments that were in the week too. I decided to use the first part of the layout for Halloween. 
It's super simple, but it has all the (non perfect) pictures I could get of our super excited and squirmy kids. It's a good reminder that the pictures don't have to be perfect to work. It's the truth of what this day was like. They were off the wall most of the day and so excited to go trick or treating. It's the first year we took the twins out, too. They got the hang of it pretty quickly!

Here is a close up on the journaling card for the first page. I took one of the Clementine 4x6 journaling cards and cut it in half. I added some rub-ons and a little bit about our Halloween. 

I wanted to add in photos from when we carved pumpkins (on Sunday). There were a lot of really great pictures and it was hard to just pick one or two. So I created an insert by cutting down a design A page protector. 
Here is the first side:

Again, not a lot of fuss and embellishments with the insert. 
I love that making an insert is an easy way to add more into the week if I want to.
Here's the second side of the insert:

I used the second half of the week's spread to cover all the non-Halloween stuff. 
Mia had her school dance and a Starbucks date with me. I voted and tried on super cute hats at Target (didn't get any, but I wanted too!). I was worried that this page would feel too separate from the obvious Halloween ones, but as you flip through it works. Mostly because the insert helps break it up. 

Once a month Mia's school has a late start day. We took the opportunity to have a Mommy & daughter date. At Starbucks, Mia was so excited to get a smoothie that she kissed it. Then asked for me to take her photo. Silly girl!

The theme of Mia's school dance was Neon Nights. It was pitch black in there aside from glow bracelets, necklaces and twinkle lights overhead. They had a photo booth, though, and we got pictures of Mia and her friends being goofy! Best souvenir ever. I really wanted to add the photo strips, but she wanted them and I didn't want to add another insert for these. I took an instagram of them instead, which worked out perfectly. 

On Saturday, Mia and I went to see Wreck It Ralph. I never splurge on popcorn, but a woman who was leaving filled up her popcorn container and gave it to Mia. It was bigger than her head, but enough for Mia and some friends to share. It was a treat for sure and a super nice gesture. By the way, it's a really cute movie with lots of old school video game references--I recommend it for the older kids!

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I'm not great about keeping track of supplies, but I've added a few similar ones from this week below. 

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Cerise said...

Cute layouts. I love your insert of the pumpkin carving. So cute.
What a great idea to add the photo booth pictures by instagraming them.