Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Sweet Girls

So, here's the post in which I admit that I'm not a perfect mother. 
You see, it's nearly impossible for me to get all three kids bathed in any sort of regular fashion. Actually, it's nearly impossible for me to get Mia bathed. 
The twins would live in the tub if I let them. 
So, after realizing it's been longer than I could remember I made sure to deem it the number one priority one evening. She's still not a shower fan, but likes to take "private baths" meaning she doesn't have to share with the twins and I don't sit there the whole time. She wants the water as hot as she can stand it and bubbles of course. And she wants to wash her hair herself using the the murky water and cups rather than have me help in any way. 

When I went in to check on her and "help" with her hair as much as she'd let me, I found her submerged in bubbles.

Later a friend reminded me that my husband had a similar shot on his Flickr stream. Whoa. 

And during the twins' bath the next day Naomi found a similar way to "swim" in the bath. 

I love my freshly bathed, sweet smelling, clean, little (and not so little anymore) girls. 

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