Monday, October 08, 2012


I didn't really intend to take a blog break, but it seems the past couple of weeks it was just enough to get through the days, the changing of the seasons, and settle into a new routine. We're still working on it and my free time has been spent with my hands in a few new craft projects that I'm excited to share with you later this month. I am beginning to plan for Christmas and am thinking the twins' main gifts will be handmade and Pinterest inspired. I've been reading and want to share with you some of the words that I've been letting settle in to my bones. I'm almost done clearing out the garden and have research to do on the possibility of getting chickens for next year. The twins are turning 3 in a few months and the fact that they are quickly turning into "big kids" is surreal.

See, there are a lot of things to tell you, but I haven't had the words to say it all. It'll come and I hope you'll check in.

Sometimes, it's best to just let the words rest for a bit.

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