Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Life Week 43

There a lot of little moments that make up this week. That's probably my favorite part of keeping up with Project Life----the tangible collection of all the little things that happen here. 
Fall colors, a proud moment with my niece, Aniyah, ladybugs, car naps, and more. 
It's shocking to think that the year is almost over. I am grateful that we'll have this record of the year. 
Here is the first side of the week:

I didn't do much embellishing this week. This card, with washi tape and letter stickers, is as embellished as I got. It's rare that we get tandem car naps. The long ride home from our family's town is the most likely place if I time leaving right. The twins were asleep before we pulled away and eventually Mia fell asleep too. I love the quiet ride home!

The fall colors pass so quickly here that I've been really trying to capture them as I can. 
We've also continued to visit the park on warmer days--just to soak in a little more sun. This week Hollis found a ladybug and was relentless in his need to hold it. 

Here is the second half of the week:

The twins like to collect things at the park and have me hold them. This handful of fall treasures made a pretty instagram!

After a great Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on manners and saying thank you, Mia wrote us letters. I loved the little drawing of us hugging. I scan the letter and shrunk it so it would fit in one of the pockets.

I decided not to add anything else to this perfect picture of Hollis. Sometimes letting the photo & scrapbook paper shine is the best way go.

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libbywilko said...

I loved that you included her drawing its so sweet. Thanks for sharing your week.

Cerise said...

Beautiful layout. I love how you included her letter. The little drawing is precious.