Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Project Life Week 41

Again, another week in which I didn't take enough pictures. I'm really trying to make a conscious effort this week to snap our days--even if it's with the iPhone. This week, I tried to make it work with adding more journaling and larger photos. 

Here is the first  half of the spread:
It features the kids (duh), seeing Beach House live, and baby wearing.

One morning after a lot of bickering with the kids, we decided to get out all the baby dolls and play Mommy and Daddy. We wrapped up slings and the kids spent an hour or so wearing their babies around. Actually, Mia wore hers all day--even to a movie and on a family walk. I'm so glad that I got to capture them at play. Naomi looks miserable wearing hers, but the truth is she was just mad because I didn't make hers first!

Mia and I went to see Hotel Transylvania. It was a super cute movie and I love that it featured a Dad and daughter. I hope the trend of showing men in loving roles in movies continues!!

Here is the second half of the spread:
It features fall leaves, our backyard squirrel, and lots of the twins. 

Naomi has been wearing this winter hat everyday. It's hilarious because she wants to put it on herself and inevitably the pom-poms are wonky. 

When in need of a space filler make a list! LOL!

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Pink Ronnie said...

I think your spread works really well! I absolutely adore all the baby-wearing shots... soooo cute!
Ronnie xo

Pink Ronnie said...

I think your spread works really well! And I just adore those baby-wearing shots..... sooooo cute! Very glad I visited from The Mom Creative. :)
Ronnie xo

libbywilko said...

Love the baby wearing photos so cute ! Thanks for sharing your week with us.

Cerise said...

Those baby wearing shots are really cute. Love your list. That's a perfect way to fill up some space.