Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Project Life Week 40

The other night we had a sitter and when we got home she mentioned that Mia had shown her our scrapbook. She said that it was one of the coolest things she'd ever seen and that she wished she had such a book from her childhood. I love that Mia was proud enough to share it and I love that I gave it a go this year.

Here is the first side:

The twins and I have been forgoing the nap battles most days and walking over to the park for an afternoon break. I snapped this photo of Naomi "hiding" in the tunnel. 

One afternoon Mark texted me to ask how the twins were doing. In answer I snapped a photo while we waited in Mia's school pick up line. I love that I caught Naomi picking her nose!

A lot of my photos came from my phone this week. It's so easy to capture moments like playing at the park and all the fall leaves on the ground!

Here is side two:

The photo of Naomi swinging is one of my all time favorites. Mia was pushing her and she was seriously flying. Right after snapping it, I pulled the classic mom thing and told Mia to slow it down!
I wanted to include some of the shows that the twins have been into lately. I printed some internet images and added them in---easy!!

Another favorite photo. Hollis wore the vest from one of Mia's recital costumes for two days and called it his "Santa vest." Mia is trying to earn a pizza at school and has been reading her 20 minutes a day to the twins. 

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative for her weekly Project Life share. 
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libbywilko said...

Love how you included some illustrations from their favourite books, such a great idea. Thank you for sharing your week with us.

Cerise said...

Such a great idea to include pictures of their favorite shows. So sweet that your daughter is reading to her siblings, even if she has other motives.

Em said...

I love your pages, your layout is gorgeous