Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Project Life Week 39

Last week was one of those weeks. You know---you have a plan of they way things are going to happen and then your twins come down with croup and get sent home from preschool. It was all about being flexible last week. They are better today and I'm thankful that I can get back to some sort of routine! I didn't get a lot of photos last week and so I got creative with a card from my mom, journaling, and the filler cards that come with Project Life. 

Here is side one of the week:

Despite a house full of germs, my mom came for a visit. The one day we tried to send the kiddos to school we hit up a thrift store and found some more costumes for the dress up box. I love how they added slippers, hats, and my shoes to their ensembles. 

While Mia hiked with friends, we took the twins on a bike ride to the park. We happened upon a stand selling honey and eggs. You just can't beat fresh backyard honey!!

Here is side two of the week:

The hard thing about croup (at least with my kids) is that they don't really act too sick. Keeping them busy was the best medicine and we spent a morning playing in PJs in the front yard. 
They like to try to pick the "apples" from the tree and will use whatever stools they can find to reach.

Mia's school had their annual fall festival and we went as a whole family. The best parts were the petting zoo, reptile man, and the pony rides. The reptile man would let you hold the snake and lizards. He also had a tarantula and smaller snake. Very cool!

Mom brought her old Singer sewing machine and we worked on an I-spy quilt for my nephew. I love being able to sew side by side with her.

You can learn more about Project Life here.
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Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

What a great layout! I love that you included the comforts your son wants when sick; I have to remember that for the next time mine get sick.

libbywilko said...

Really like how you included how the kids feel & need when they are sick. Great inspiration. Thanks.

Cerise said...

Beautiful layout. I wish my neighbors sold fresh honey, what a wonderful treat. Hope your kiddos are feeling better!