Friday, October 19, 2012

Princess Smooshface

Lately I've been able to get a few really fabulous shots of Naomi. They aren't award winning photography, but they show Naomi's pure joy, which to be honest can be hard to catch. She's a pretty standard middle child---fighting all the time to be seen and heard. She's got it pretty tough with a rambunctious little brother and a dominant older sis. There are many a meal that starts and ends with tears because some injustice is done to her from one of her siblings. Life just isn't fair for her.

When she was little we'd call her Princess Smooshface because her whole face would smoosh up when she smiled. Her eyes would almost disappear behind her round cheeks. When I see that face now it takes me back to little Naomi. It fills me up with her infectious happiness. And, it makes me love her all the more. 

Oh lordy--to ever think she was this small!
My ragamuffin, sweetie pie, smooshfaced little girl!

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