Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project Life Week 37

As we head into fall and cooler weather I'm more and more aware that I almost have a whole year documented within the pages of my project life books. I am so in awe with this way of scrapbooking and as I've said before I'm not sure I'll ever go back to traditional single pages. I love the small scale, no pressure, every week looks different, way that each week turns out. I love that I can use less supplies (after the initial costs) and that equals less money spent. I love that I don't have to be perfect and can include messy handwriting, flaws, spelling errors and not feel too guilty about it. 
I also love that I can say "this is all I can handle this week" and still feel like I'm caught up. 
But most of all, I love watching my family enjoy the stories caught within these pages---watching them light up as they see themselves in real, day-to-day living. 

Here's this week's layout:
This is side one. There's lots of journaling this week--lots of little stories to tell! 
The alphabet paper is the back from the previous week. I kept trying to add a photo on top or something and then realized I like it as is. Especially next to the photo of Naomi reading. Plus, my little ones are very into singing the alphabet lately so it just fit. 

Here's a close up of Naomi reading. I had been doing laundry downstairs when I noticed that too quiet feeling that comes when the twins are into things they aren't supposed to be. But, instead I found Hollis working on a puzzle and Naomi flipping through books. I snapped a photo without her knowing from downstairs. 

One of the weekend mornings Mark and Mia rode their bikes to a local coffee shop. Mia got a chai and candy and cozied up on the couch with Secrets of Nimh. Mark got some reading time. He snapped this photo on his iPhone. 

Here's side two of the week:
Again, a lot of journaling!

The babies and I walked to the coffee shop and grocery store and I snapped photos of them enjoying chocolate milk and a doughnut. They are so funny in the way they will chat and say hi to everyone that comes in. It's been a great little treat to add into our routine. 

One afternoon, I packed the twins into the car and planned to drive around hoping they'd fall asleep before I needed to get Mia from school. I ended up in the next tiny town over and happened upon a huge crowd of people with cameras and iPhones facing up in a tree. Sure enough, a bear was nestled in the branches. Wildlife officials were there and hoping he'd wander off once night fell, but the twins and I got a kick out of seeing one so close. I took Mia back to see him after I picked her up too!

Mark and Mia spent Saturday with my MIL for her birthday. They rode the Cog Railway up to the top of Pike's Peak. Mark sent photos from their trip. I was a little sad not to be with them, but we just couldn't imagine wrangling two rambunctious little souls on a long train ride. Hopefully next year!

I'm linking up with the Mom Creative for her weekly Project Life Share. 
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shelly brewer said...

A bear! What a fun thing to document! Those are the little things I think get forgotten so easily without something like Project Life.

Love the white borders around some of your photos. Looks fantastic!

dnsvm said...

Thanks Shelly! I'm kinda addicted to the Sharpie paint pen for the white border!!

Marla said...

Fabulous page. I love the clean overlays and the bear story.

Marla @ www.blueskiesphotoblog.com

eek said...

Fun pages. I am with you - will probably be doing less and less "traditional" scrapbooking as I continue with PL over the years - eep!

Melissa Whittaker said...

Oh my gosh the bear picture! That is too awesome. I love the borders around your photos!

Anonymous said...

Love what you said about having almost a whole year documented. I haven't done any other kind of scrapping since starting PL, either. And I feel like I can add an extra page protector if I decide to do a more traditional lo. Great spread!

Cerise said...

I love your pages. It's great that you have all the journalling in there. I'm slowly getting better at it.
That bear is fantastic, what a great thing to see one that close.

Pink Ronnie said...

My boys really love looking through our PL album too. That must be so exciting to have almost a year documented this way! I only started in Week 14 and wish I'd taken the plunge earlier. :)
Love all your handwritten journalling.
Ronnie xo

libbywilko said...

Love seeing pictures of her reading and wow a bear ! How exciting ... Love that you include the little things that become family traditions :)