Monday, September 17, 2012

Homemade Pin Cushions

I've been eyeing these lovely pin cushion tutorials for a long time, but after kicking over my pin cup three times this week I decided I need a quicker fix. 
Now, you'll have to bear with me, I forget to take photos as I'm working and the light in the craft room isn't the best, but I wanted you to see how easy this is!

I thrifted two of these sweet little jam jars recently and they seemed the perfect fit to house my pins and seam ripper!

I used the metal cap to trace two circles out of card stock and two circles onto fabric. I used a small scrap of Tula Pink that I had. I'll tell you now that my fabric scraps weren't quite big enough. Give yourself at least an inch outside of the circle so you can pull and glue it down easier. 

I grabbed a chunk of batting and put it inside the circle and then wrapped that piece around the metal lid. Hot glue holds it all together.

Glue the card stock to the covered metal lid and you're done! The card stock helps hide the glued fabric and helps the covered lid fit in the ring better.

Here's what they looked like when done! All in all it took about 10 minutes and only minimal burning of the fingertips!

I added my pins and now I'm not spilling them all the time!

I'm pretty sure this little project helped me finish the quilt top I've been working on for a while. I'll share that with you soon!


Jessica said...

Darling! They'd make a good item for your store, wouldn't they?

dnsvm said...

Thanks, Jessica! I might just have to do that soon!!