Friday, September 07, 2012

Change of the Seasons

I've been trying to get my sister, Dyan, to blog on here for a while. She's a talented & honest writer. But, she's a busy momma and so it hasn't worked out until now. I'm hoping this will only be the beginning of a series of guest posts from her. She's my partner in crime and I'm so grateful for the way she sees the world. 

The weather is about 20 degrees cooler today than it has been lately. I remember that there is something special this time of year that makes me feel blessed to live in Colorado. The temperature starts to cool down and I finally feel relief from the desert-like heat. The cool air is refreshing on the skin and cozy warm sweaters return as a favorite accessory. The new season approaches with the changing of the leaves seen all across the Front Range. There is anticipation for fireplaces, hot cocoa, afghan blankets, slippers, movies and reading.

The kids are heading off to school again. I am welcoming, with open arms, that moment when I drop them off in the mornings and am able to just sit down and take a deep breath in silence. My introverted-self has missed those moments over the summer and I am reminded how much I need them to feel renewed. With the break from the kids during the day, I am ready to hug and kiss them and give them the love they deserve and need at the end of each day.

I am grateful for seasons. When the earth changes, we can change. We get a break from the mundane and start fresh. We can begin with schedules again, feel more organized, and have control of the day. 
The song by The Byrds and the Bible verse keeps repeating in my head:

To everything- turn, turn, turn
There is a season- turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven

Fall is right around the corner and I cannot wait. 
What are you looking forward to with the changing of the season?

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Michele said...

WELL I have to say I too cant wait for fall. Its my favorite time of the season. I enjoy seeing trees turn colors and it totally amazes me how the old from this year is shed and then next spring the new awakens.