Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project Life Week 33

Last week was such a full week, but at the end of it I felt recharged, calm, and ready for the new things ahead. We had very good friends of ours stay with us and we spent a lot of time outdoors, eating delicious food, and visiting until the wee hours of the morning. There is something about spending time with the people who know you best and love you the most that sparks magical energy. 

Here is side one of the week:

We've borrowed a bike trailer for the twins and when they discovered it they spent a morning climbing in and out and sharing crabapples that have fallen into our yard. We've taken them out for a few rides now and they love it. I'm excited that we can add family bike rides to our fall list of things to do!

One of our favorite places to do a family walk has this amazing and huge tree. The kids love to climb around it and it makes a perfect spot for candid pictures. This one of Mia was a favorite. 

Mia took a picture of Kate and me and I had to add it in!

Last week was the start of second grade and this was the one good picture I could get out of my silly girl. She wanted to pose and make goofy faces. I had it blown up to a 5x7 and used one of the new Becky Higgins page protectors. I love being able to add a larger picture into the mix without having to try to sew my own protector!

On the back is a photo of Hollis from our walk. 

Here is side two of the week:

It has become a tradition for the men to take Mia out fishing one of the mornings. They all get up early and head to the local pond. Mia seems to catch the most every year, but I think she likes it that way!

I small pictures from our "only grown-ups" hike to the journaling cards. This was the first year we were able to sneak away like that for a hike! 

His and Hers. 

I was pretty happy to get more journaling in this week. I was also able to get in pictures of Mark and glimpses of me. You know who's missing---Naomi. 
It's funny how there is always someone hiding from the lens!

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Kelli @ WhimsiKel said...

Beautiful pages! I love how the orange pulls it together, and I love your digital elements.