Monday, August 06, 2012

Fair Day

Summer is quickly ending for us here. Mia returns to school next week and the little ones have started their 3 half day school already. I fully welcome the changes that will come with starting a new routine, but I'll also miss just how much stuff we crammed into such a short time. I'll do an update on our summer manifesto at the end of August, but I'm afraid some of the items will have to move to an "autumn manifesto" when the weather is slightly cooler. 

On Saturday morning the air was quite brisk and Mark took Mia out for a hike. When they returned mid-morning we took the whole family to our local fair. Now, we live in a pretty small town and that's evident by things like this. There are no bells & whistles, but the local farms come out with all their animals and wares. The best part is that it's free. Sure, there are rides that you can by tickets for and overpriced food, but to spend the morning visiting with the animals it's free!

It was pretty clear from the first moment that a llama tried to lick Naomi that she is 100% an animal fan. Many times she was in those poor animals faces and trying to hug them. That girl has no fear.  

I'm pretty sure she'll be my little helper if we ever get the backyard chickens!
The goats were a hit if only because they were happy to have little hands shoved into their pens. 

 Hollis & Mia were bigs fan of the rabbits and the whole way home Mia tried to negotiate getting her own pet rabbit.

Most of the pigs were napping, but that didn't stop the twins from trying to get up close and personal. At least until they started making noise. 

One of the things I really liked about wandering through the fairgrounds was seeing the young kids that have raised these animals. They were so in their element and that enthusiasm was awesome to see. There was a group of kids that had rigged a huge fake spider to drop from the ceiling of the pavilion onto unsuspecting fairgoers. It reminded me of that mischief-ness that comes from spending a lot of time outdoors. I was reminded of my own youth when my parents lived on lots of land in Livermore, CA. You could get into some serious trouble with acres of wide open land and not much to stand in your way. I often wish I could give that to our kids more, but then I'm reminded that we do really live in a place that has so much to offer. We have land, mountains, and even water. I'm looking forward to more exploring of all of these as the twins get older and older. 

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