Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Life Week 30

This morning I sat down to "finish" my week and looked over the spread and totally changed my mind.  This week was simple at it's finest example. And you know what? I'm a totally okay with that. I think that's what really has drawn me to Project Life. After spending years trying to perfect each page and add embellishments, it feels really good to just let it be. Sometimes I'll have weeks that are too busy and just putting in the pictures is enough! 

Last week was a busy week around here. The twins started preschool and so I used the whole first half of the spread to document their first day. I took a 4x6 vertical photo and cropped it to make two 4x6s. It's not a perfect photo, but it shows so perfectly how excited they were to go in! I also love that you can see their teacher at the door waiting to greet them. I folded and inserted their report forms from the first week into one of the pockets too. The other spaces are journaling about their first days and about how I hope to spend my free time!

Here is a close up of that 4x6 that I cut into three pieces. 

I love that I get little reports about their morning!

My sister in law has stated that her whole goal is to show up in my Project Life book as often as possible. She took Mia to a local amusement park this week and emailed me a lot of pictures and so I added them! I love that the two of them have such a special relationship and I am so grateful that she loves our girl nearly as much as we do!

I also included a picture of Mia on her last day of camp and a picture of her sacked out during the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. 

Susan, this close up is for you!

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