Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Project Life Week 29

I'm running a little behind this week with Project Life. Still, a couple days behind is alright by me. We've had a full couple of weeks with family visits and as summer winds down I'm looking forward to some mellow weekends ahead. 

Week 29 was all about my nephew's visit and our trip two hours south to take him home. It was a little odd to have a pre-teen in the house, but it gave me a good sense of what I can expect in a few years when Mia's twelve. Mark took him on hikes and to a Rockies game. He spent a lot of time sleeping! It's so different from the twins who rarely sleep right now.
 This week's spread is full of photos and so I used space directly on the pictures to add journaling or I added a tag. 

Here's the first half:

This isn't the best photo, but it so perfectly shows how I found Hollis sleeping near the door. He had made up his own little bed with his stuffed animals and books tucked under the blanket. 
We've transitioned to toddler beds and it's been a challenging couple of weeks. They spend most of their rest time playing or fighting. I've started to ignore their antics as much as possible and eventually they crash.

Mia held a little fashion show with some of the new clothes we found her. I like how she poses for the camera! During a pretty riveting episode of Max & Ruby I looked over to find Hollis with blue lips. Turns out he was holding a blue marker and "tasting" it!

Here is the second half of the week. I tried to get in all the cousins, but somehow completely missed getting a picture of my niece. I think it's because her and Mia were always off playing! Whoops!
The corner card is a summary of the visit with family. I always love spending time with them & despite the heat, we found ways to keep busy our large group of kiddos. 

I just love this photo of Hollis. 

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The Wallace Family said...

Wow great pages!! I really like the tag you used as a journaling card behind the picture. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!