Monday, July 09, 2012

Our Holiday Week

With the 4th being mid-week, Mark decided to take the rest of the week off and we made the whole weekend a sort of holiday. It started with a backyard BBQ and s'mores made on the grill. The kids got way sugared up and ended up running in circles in the backyard.

Soon after this bite she proclaimed that graham crackers were gross and wouldn't eat another bite. Who is this child?

"What is this goo all over my hands?"

We went the local park for the Fourth of July Symphony in the Park and all the kids were happy as clams digging in the dirt and making new friends. 


And then all of a sudden Naomi crashed. Now, we've never had a kid fall asleep in public. We've always been envious of those parents that can shop or be out and about with a child sleeping away in a stroller or on a shoulder. It was pretty clear to us that some sort of bug hit her. We let her sleep for an hour while the music played & the other kids busied themselves. 

In the evening, I stayed home with the little ones while Mark and Mia went to the Rapid's game and watched the fireworks there. It was a full day for Miss Mia and the next day she was exhausted, but ready for a full day of summer camp. 

photo by Mark
Less than two days later Hollis was hit by the same bug as Naomi. Now, there are coughs and runny noses and sure signs that this bug was a cold that came out of nowhere!

Fever Boy

So, our holiday week ended up being pretty mellow and included lots of cuddling with cranky & not feeling well kids. I made some progress on a quilt and finished a book! On the one day all kids were okay Mark & I snuck out for a whole day kid-free in Denver. It's not quite how I imagined this week would be, but I'm pretty grateful for the time we've had to slow down and that the kids were pretty flexible through it all. 

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