Thursday, July 12, 2012

Life With Twins--Toddler Beds

The two compadres NOT sleeping.
After some rough crib olympic sessions, Naomi's hand-me down crib was beginning to lose slats and seem precariously close to collapsing. Hollis was perching up on the corner of his crib on a regular basis very nearly ready to climb out. It was only a matter of time before something happened in the cribs. I was hesitant to get new beds because introducing the twins to beds was going to change the security and ease that our bedtime routines have. Yet, I thought I could handle it.

I must have been crazy.

Everything will go great and then BAM! we'll have a really rough afternoon. Yesterday was that day. They were picking on each other from first thing in the morning and it seemed the only calm times were when they weren't within 10 ft. of each other. I know that this is a common sibling thing and I'm sure my siblings and I drove my mother crazy too. But, it is only with great deep breathing and a well timed shower that I got through the day.

I don't have any great wisdom about how to get through this transition. Yet. They spent the majority of their nap time ripping everything out of the closet that they could reach. Then, they threw everything back in there. They create these little stepping stools out of books and toys so they can turn the light off and on. I had to go in repeatedly to lay them down and sternly tell them it's rest time and that they need to stay on their beds. I watch it all happening from the video monitor willing myself to not go in there until it's dire.

After an hour and a half, I gave up. I got them up and fought with my limp noodles to get them dressed. My intention was to go run some errands and then pick up Mia at camp. Maybe if I drove around they'd sleep and be less cranky. Well, the two of them began fighting again and both threw a pretty massive fit over who could sit on my lap to be consoled.

I did the only thing I knew how to do. I put them back in their beds, turned up the sound machine, and got in the shower. Ten minutes later, they were both asleep---in their beds.

I got a much needed break.

The next steps are to make their room less appealing to play in. Mark has ordered a light switch cover that is supposed to make it impossible for the twins to turn on (and off) their lights. We're replacing the missing door knob on the closet door. Then I'll add a cover to the knob to make it impossible to open. I'm going to move their dresser into the closet. Most of their books and toys are already downstairs, but I'll be making most of those inaccessible too.

We will get through this and hopefully I'll have some better ideas to share with you. If you've been through this and can share some wisdom, I could really use it!

Or, please send some chocolate and root beer.

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