Monday, July 02, 2012

History Colorado Museum

One thing on our summer manifesto is to spend time at the local museums. This week the kids & I went to the newly remodeled History Colorado Museum. I wish I could have taken more photos of how beautiful the building is. The entrance is so full of light and there is a huge map on the floor of Colorado with these robotic "time machines" that move around the floor telling the history of different areas of our state. 

By a landslide the most popular area of the museum was the "replica" of the town of Keota. They had a small schoolhouse, a general store, farm, and kitchen with artifacts and lots of hands on things for the kids to do. 
Their favorite part of Keota was the egg collection. Waiting for the little wooden eggs to come down the chute was the highlight of the whole thing. They completely ignored the ceiling to floor slide that was right behind them. I loved watching them peek into the little holes and getting so excited to put their eggs into the baskets!

Once collected, the eggs were delivered to the general store and put into wooden boxes. Depending on size and weight, they could earn money to help buy supplies at the store. To be honest, my kids didn't care to much about earning money. The reward was figuring out which box the eggs would fit in! Very smart of the museum to make it into a little learning puzzle too!

In the kitchen, Hollis loved scooping the coal in the wood stove. When the coal box was empty they would empty the stove and start all over. The kitchen also had a drawer of kitchen utensils that the kids could play with and a drawer of vintage toys too. 

Mia liked wearing the aprons and scooping in the coal too! She pretended to make bread with all the kitchen utensils. 

On the front porch of the kitchen they have two swings. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of Naomi.

At the kitchen table they had "quilt" puzzles to put together. 

The other exhibit that Mia loved was Lego-rado. It was basically a huge Lego table with different scenes from history played out with all sorts of fun characters. They had a scavenger hunt for various vingettes, too. This was the hardest area for the twins because they wanted so badly to touch it. There were two tables set up with lego sets that you could play with so that helped occupy them for a while.

We also went through the mine and did the ski jump, but went back to the Keota exhibit after lunch, where the kids spent another hour collecting eggs. There was a lot we didn't see, but stuck to the exhibits that were obviously more kid friendly.

I love that we have this gem in Denver and would definitely recommend it for families. Even my littlest two loved it and I didn't feel nervous having them run around.

My only advice would be to bring a lunch along. The cafe is nice, but the food is pricey and the service was slow. I had to go ask for Mia's sandwich 3 times before we finally got it. The babies shared a hummus cup that they charged 4$ for. It was a small thing and nothing that dampened our time at all.

Visiting History Colorado was a perfect way to beat the heat and let the kids get a ton of hands on time with new activities. I am super impressed with the way they've created simplistic but engaging activities for even the smallest of kids to do. We're already planning to go back when the new Colorado A-Z exhibit opens.

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