Friday, June 22, 2012


One thing I never realized about having a 7 year old was how quickly they would start to act and look like a tween. I get the long sighs, door slams, eye rolls, and insistence on independence--already. Then, she asks for a hair cut and comes out with a stacked bob and my heart melts a little bit. 
When did she get big?

I took her to the salon that has feathers, but apparently that fad has passed and they didn't have them anymore. Instead, they had Color Bugs. 

I had seen them on Girl Gone Child a while back and so I let her pick one color out. Then I told her how when I was 15 I had this same exact shade of purple all over my hair. I'm pretty sure she's not convinced of my one-time coolness. Man, if they had these Color Bugs when I was young I wouldn't have stained towels & pillowcases with Manic Panic shades of color. It's basically a chalk stick that you rub on your hair. It's supposed to wash off after one wash and it came off my hands really easy. They are pretty perfect for playing with during the summer when dress codes aren't in affect. 

She's worried that no one at summer camp will recognize her and she'll have to spend the day re-introducing herself to everyone. But, she loves it and I imagine she'll love the attention it brings her even more. 

As for me, I'm going to find a way to slow down time. 

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Vintage Love and Photographs said...

How fun! I think I need some color bugs :D