Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Project Life Week 25

We have officially hit summer here with temperatures just over 100 degrees. It hasn't been pleasant and we've been doing as much indoors as possible. The kids have been watching way too much TV. It's an easy fix when they've exhausted all the other activities, but I'm hoping the weather lets up a little so we can go back to enjoying the yard more. 

This week I tried to play more with the stickers, tags, and washi tape. Truth is, I've come to find a style that's pretty simplistic, but it works for me. If I stray too far from that, it becomes too hard to keep up with this project. I'm pretty impressed that we've come this far in the year and I've only fallen behind a few times. 
This week's spread documented Father's Day, my humble herb garden, the new backyard play set, and a visit with Grandma. 
Here's the first half of the spread.

When putting together the card of my small herb garden, I realized I had scraps of green fabric at my feet. I sewed one strip on, letting the fabric fold a few times and then added letter stickers on top. I did sew through the green letter stickers to help them adhere to the fabric better.

My mom sent Mia a little card and so I just punched holes in it and put it directly in the binder. It's the only "insert" for the week.

On side two I added an iPhone photo of Mia with her new haircut and purple hair. I also caught Hollis sitting in one of the new toy buckets (from Costco) and took a picture of him. 
Mark took a lot of photos of the twins first seeing the newly installed play set. I added two of my favorite 4x6's at the top.
I've said it before, but I love that Mark has this scrapbook in mind when he's taking pictures. I love to see how he views our little world and it makes doing project life feel more like a family project when he's involved.

While I went out for a girl's night out, Mark and Mia spent the evening together playing a Lego Star Wars Wii game and eating candy. I printed out an instagram he made of the two of them. I added washi tape and letter stickers and then stitched journaling lines for myself. The lines aren't perfect, but I like the way the card turned out. 

Here's my little man in the bucket.
Is anyone else having trouble with errant rub on's? Just this one little section had me frustrated because of extra letters coming off where they shouldn't. It's enough to make me want to toss the whole pile of rub on's in the trash! Also, I'd love it if a company came out with extra sheets of just vowels! I can never have enough e's!

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melanie said...

O yes, summer. it. is. too. hot.
I like your 'when moms away' journal card. too cute.