Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Project Life Week 23

This week came together quickly again and I'm reminded that if I work on it a little bit each day then it's easier to capture the stories that go with the small moments. This week was full of small moments. We started swim lessons, had haircuts, did a lot of reading and playing together. 
I used tags to add more journaling space and have been thinking of ways to take the pictures so I have journaling space right on the photos too. 
Here's the first half of the week:

Here are some close ups: 
I loved the juxtaposition of Hollis's nervousness on the swing to Naomi's smiling face. I also wanted to make sure to document Hollis's sweet curls---esp. after a fresh haircut. 

Supplies: sticker/bo bunny, tags/martha stewart, stickers/lily bee designs, pen/le pen

One of my favorite moments of the week was when I caught Hollis reading the "icky bicky spider" to Naomi. Of course, five minutes later they were fighting over who would sit on my lap. 

The second half of the week documents a girl's night out, swimming, more pirate gear, morning walks, and my niece's 6th birthday.

For this girl's night picture I used a little bit of a mother's day card for the patterned paper. It's not the best photo of us, but it sure was fun to pose for silly pictures while waiting for our movie to start. 

Supplies: washi/target, labels/martha stewart, sticker/bo bunny
One of the most rewarding parts of my week was the early morning walk that I took. It's been a routine that I like to keep up with. Seeing the sun rise in the mornings and feeling that calm before the kids wake up makes the rest of the day go so much better.  
Supplies: washi/target, journaling card/simple stories, stickers/lily bee

Go here for more information on Project Life. 
I'm linking up with The Mom Creative this week. Check it out for all sorts of wonderful inspiration!

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Amanda said...

Love your week 23! I love those baby curls as well. The simple stories cards are great! I just now found out about them and ordered a few. Love them!