Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life With Twins: The New Play Set

We've been in our house a year now and we've been taking our time changing things---making it ours. When we moved in there was a play set in the backyard, which was perfect for the 3 kids. Of course, we soon realized it was old, rickety and pretty unsafe and put it on our house list to get a new one. Well, yesterday the new one was delivered & installed (YAY! for surprise deals at the home improvement store). When the twins woke up from their nap, Mark took them out to see it. I love that he grabbed the camera and documented it all for me to see. 

I love the look of confusion on Naomi's face.

Little Man has never been a big fan of the swings. 

He'd much rather be up in the "house" watching out! It's got a little telescope and a captain's wheel. He quickly figured out he can see into the apple tree and watch for "bobbins" (robins).

Naomi took her birthright place at the wheel and proceeded to assert dominance over the whole play set. I'm pretty sure she woke up on the wrong side of the crib. 

It's got a picnic table attached to the side of it and is already a favorite place for snack or dinner. We ate dinner in the yard and could hear the big band concert from the local history museum. We stayed outside until the kids began to argue and show us it was well past bedtime. 

I love having an outdoor space that we can call our own.

There was one outtake on the camera that I just have to share with you. 

Sisters just never move quickly enough up ladders. 

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