Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Life With Twins--Let Them Be

This week we've been getting used to a new summer routine. With Mia in day camp three days a week and the afternoon naps turning into crib olympics, the twins and I are spending a lot of time playing together. We are practicing using kind words, softer touches, and sharing. It's not always pleasant, but I'm learning that if I just leave them alone it's often better. 

Yesterday, while I cleaned up from lunch, I realized it had gotten too quiet. I went into the living room expecting to find some sort of mischief. Instead, I saw the two of them sitting next to each other reading. 

 I watched them for a while and listened to Hollis read the "icky spider" to Naomi. It wasn't until they noticed I was there that they began to fight over who got to sit with Mommy. 

Again, today I caught this:

No fighting. Just quiet play. After I snapped a photo I went back into the kitchen and they played for about 10 more minutes without any problems! 

I'm hoping this will continue all summer.

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