Monday, June 04, 2012

Dance is Good for the Soul

If there was ever proof needed that my girl is growing up, this weekend's dance recital was a sure bet for seeing it. This was her 3rd recital and just watching the little bitty dancers wearing the same costume she wore 3 years ago made me tear up. Somewhere between then and now she's gotten so much better and is picking up the skills quicker. She's more confident and trusts herself more on stage. 

 When she did her first recital she was awarded with a medal and certificate. The older girls received trophies. The more years you do, the bigger the trophy. After that first recital she stated, "I'm dancing every year because I want a trophy." 

Earlier last week she asked if this was the year she'd get a trophy. I wasn't sure and so we talked about the different things they might get to celebrate the end of the dance class. At the end of the recital they called each year up to the front of the stage and presented them with their certificates. The look on her face when she was handed a small 3rd year trophy was priceless. 
She is so dang proud of it and I don't blame her. 

To see a goal of hers come true makes me such a proud momma. I want her to know and understand that hard work can pay off. That the things we love to do in life can bring us joy, happiness, and occasionally trophies. 
I want her to have the patience and drive to stick with something that obviously feeds her spirit in such tremendous ways. 
Because in the end, seeing her inspired feeds my spirit too.

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