Thursday, May 03, 2012

Turning Seven

We finally got new fish to replace the ones that died so quickly!


How is it that you are already 7??  It has gone by so quickly and I still see you so clearly in my mind as a little girl. Yet, lately you have been looking and acting so much older. We can have pretty deep and smart conversations about the world and you have so many strong beliefs about the way you see things. You have grown up so much in this last year. You can read beautifully and I'm always so surprised at how quickly you can figure out hard words. We've begun to read more chapter books together and you love having a story that lasts longer than the picture books we've been sharing for so long. Right now you love books that have animals as the central theme. You talk about how when you get older you'd like to foster puppies just like the characters in the books. I love that we've been able to keep up reading together at night. Even though Mommy & Daddy are often exhausted by this point in the day, know that we do cherish that time snuggled with you in our bed.

You also write beautifully and love to tell stories with your writing. Lately, you've even made behavior charts for the babies to track how often they fight or cry. It's pretty funny to watch you be a little mother to them. You really are so patient with them have been so good about letting them "help" you get ready in the morning. They idolize you so much and love to spend time with you and in your room. I know it's not easy to be a big sister. They get into things you don't want them to, they don't understand that you want things to not be shared or played with. But, you normally handle them with such patience and grace. I thank you for being the sister that you are and loving them as much as you do.

We have begun to let you watch more live action shows (on Disney) and you really love watching "your" shows. You like Good Luck Charlie, Shake it Up, and Austin & Ally. There are still some we don't let you watch because they make us cringe or tell jokes that aren't appropriate yet. It's been a good way for you to wind down after a long day and after homework is done. You have become a really good rock climber and have been learning about geo-caching with Daddy. You like to ride your bike, sing & dance, and have an amazing imagination. I like that you have so many interests and look forward to introducing you to more new things as the summer happens.

It's hard to believe that you are almost a second grader and I'm so curious to see how you'll continue to grow. I know that sometimes we expect a lot from you and push you in ways that you don't like. We love you so much and believe in you and want you to always be the best person you can be. It's not easy to walk away from things that frustrate us, to use calm words when we are angry, to not get your way, to be patient. Our job as your parent is to help you learn to do those things. That and love you----no matter what.

I do love you. So very much. And I continue to be amazed and proud by the girl you are becoming.


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